4 Tips for Protecting Your Business During Storms in Boca Raton, FL

With Boca Raton, FL sitting right in a spot known to be the frequent target of hurricanes, local business owners should be ready for severe weather. Rather than sitting helpless in the face of oncoming storms, here are a few commercial storm protection tips to help you protect your establishment.

1. Assess Your Situation

It’s difficult to imagine anything worse than getting caught in a severe storm without any idea of what to do. To guarantee that you’re never in such a situation, the first thing to do, long before any bad weather is on the horizon, is to make a complete inventory of your surroundings. This means making arrangements for both the human and non-human elements of the situation.

You must be sure that all of the employee contact information is current so that you can get in touch with anyone whenever you need to. It’s also wise to create a special emergency contact system for your business so that all employees can easily reach one another.

Regarding the non-human element, you must be aware of all escape routes from your building. It would be best to have a safe place to store all essential records so that you lose nothing in the event of storm damage. Also, make sure that important pieces of equipment like generators and drainage pumps are all operational.

Additionally, you should have at least some medical supplies on hand in a safe and easily accessible location. Finally, it’s a good idea to closely monitor the weather so that you are never caught unawares.

2. Make a Plan

Using the information you’ve gathered during your assessment, create a plan about what to do in the event of a storm, and make sure that all employees know about it. Make sure all your employees know the location of all emergency exits. If certain employees are to take on key roles, you must prepare them to do so.

Establish an emergency response team, and ensure that you have critical supplies like shovels, sandbags, mops, buckets, tarpaulins, lumber, power tools, and emergency lights. Some of these will be useful not only during the storm but also during the subsequent cleanup phase.

3. Install Impact Windows and Doors

Hurricane-force winds can pose an especially elevated threat for establishments with large windows. If the wind blows objects into windows at high speed, shattering them, the glass will be troublesome to clean up and will put anyone who happens to be in the building during the storm in danger. Impact windows are an excellent solution to both aspects of this problem.

Much the same is true about doors, which Phoenix Aluminum Products offers for sale to businesses. The sturdier these are, the less damage the property will sustain during a storm and the less you’ll have to clean up. Most importantly of all, taking this step will minimize the chances of injury for anyone who’s inside during turbulent weather.

4. Review Your Insurance Policy

You should have all of your important business property adequately insured. However, standard property or business insurance plans don’t always cover all of the areas that you might want. It’s worth asking, for example, whether your plan includes things like water damage, cleanup services, or data loss.

If these things don’t fall under your current policy, you may want to extend it to include them or purchase new insurance. Of course, what precisely your business needs to have insured and how large your insurance coverage should be are matters that you should think over and decide for yourself once you know your needs.

Whether you own a bar, a restaurant, a store, or any other kind of business in Boca Raton, FL, taking the preceding steps will put you in a good position should the weather get nasty. We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of hurricane-impact windows, doors, and other products, many of which we can custom-build. For help keeping your property and business assets secure from the ravages of Mother Nature, call Phoenix Aluminum Products, and look at some of our industrial-grade products.

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